Friday, December 18, 2009

GenderLabs - Sam

Another quick guest cap to help keep the blog ticking over. I have been working on my own one as well so that I dont completely take over Casey's excellent blog!


  1. I love this caption. It is brilliant!

  2. yss i will be coming to coolect my son who has now been alterd into a girl and is now completly female and ill stya this way for llfe he is a she now and looks asian as i ahve alwasay wanted this for him her she is to be a girl forever from now on and to be submissive to anyone btoh male and female i will be naming here suzy ann and she is to be a girl for the rest of her life as it was alwasy meant to be and now she is a girl at last my little girl and she will learn to be and do what girls do!