Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guest Caps from NRAE

So today is my first update in a while, and I can't even take credit for the work. Today's caps and tomorrow's are brought to you by NRAE, while I go off and finish finals and then try to find my mind that I lost again...

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  1. Jay was always suspious aboutnthis kind of thing it was way in the back of his mind all through his current incarnation the very thought that somehow somewhen some how he would end up this way taken to a very far away place and planced in this altering machine where one's very sex and gender would be altered change forever into the other sex and gender well at last it did happen jay was caught and taken to a place very far away and then he was taken underground and noone ever knew this was happening to him and then he was placed in this gender altering machine and was frozen locke in place and his very soul was altered change and he became female at last he was now a she a girl with breast and vigina pussy and his inside were also altered he was now female inside as well and could now get pregant asa a woman he lost al meo\mory of his other life and was altered completly into a permanent girl at last she had no knolwedge of ever being male and was now a complete girl and she loved it and just had to go on now as a female and it was the best thing that ever happened to jay he was th girl he was always meant to be now!